Sustainable Energy for Africa

Dear Colleague,

The Royal Academy for Overseas sciences is organizing an international conference on < Sustainable Energy for Africa >. This event will take place in Brussels on 23, 24 and 25 October 2017.

Please find enclosed the announcement highlighting the importance of the issues and challenges the African continent has to cope with in the field of energy. The aim of this conference is to present in an open and updated way the various sustainable energies which are most suitable for African countries' resources and needs, thus contributing to the reduction of fuel poverty and to their economic and social development. 

The programme of the conference and the registration form can be found at 

Please do not hesitate to forward to your contacts or to post in appropriate websites the enclosed announcement.

We look forward to meeting you in Brussels.

Best regards,

Philippe Goyens
Permanent Secretary
Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences


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Date de dernière mise à jour : 29/06/2017